Bontle Bahao is an affirmative SeTswana saying which simply means –Your Beauty. Bontle Bahao is the brain child of Linda Gabriel, a Zimbabwean poet and performer who understands all too well the absolute necessity for women and children to have spaces where they can work, craft, decompress, birth new projects.

We empower women and children through permaculture and education.


Permaculture is about low carbon, eco-friendly, even abundant living. It is also an ethically based design system for people who want to not only transform their lives and the lives of the people around them, but also to play their part in bringing an ecologically balanced, equitable and kinder world into existence.


If we manage to participate in this activity we uplift and empower ourselves and those around us. It is our goal to reach as many women and children to partake in this wonderful activity.


Mapfihwa Project

Mapfihwa is a word in the Zimbabwean Shona language that refers to stones that are used to jag the pot whilst cooking using firewood, as traditionally done in many African societies. This project is named Mapfihwa because, like the stones that support pots, it seeks to provide women with psycho-social and technical skills support in their day-to-day lives.