Apprenticeship Programme for Young Women

Our apprenticeship program is a nine months program were young women apprentices learn hands on skills in farming, permaculture, natural building, agroforestry and nature based practices. The program is divided into three terms, starting with a two terms being housed at Bontle Bahao focusing on the hands-on development of ecological design skills involved in regenerative food production systems followed by the third term were apprentices go back to their communities and set up a 3 months permaculture project collaborating with community members.

Topic and Activities Covered during the programme

  • Planting in-season vegetables and working in the vegetable garden
  • Planting seeds for the next season planting
  • Building new permaculture systems
  • Working on completing existing permaculture systems
  • Reforestation and restoration (tree planting, fencing)
  • Creating permanent permaculture garden bedsNatural building
  • sowing and transplanting of crops
  • irrigation and water management
  • soil health and fertility
  • bed preparation
  • weed management
  • livestock care
  • crop harvest and packaging
  • permaculture planning
  • daily food prep and clean up