Bontle Bahao –Your Beauty.

Bontle Bahao is an affirmative SeSotho saying which simply means –Your Beauty. Bontle Bahao is the brain child of Linda Gabriel, a Zimbabwean poet and performer who understands all too well the absolute necessity for women and children to have spaces where they can work, craft, decompress, birth new projects.

We empower women and children through permaculture and education

Bontle Bahao –Your Beauty.

Bontle Bahao gives women a chance to put their hands in different projects as they gain knowledge and experience that can change their lives.

Mapfihwa Project

Apprenticeship For Young Women

Permaculture Design Certificate

Organic Food Gardening

Training & Workshops

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There are more women and children in Zimbabwe that needs to be empowered through permaculture and education. You can help us change lives through this program by your donations.